10 Things Master Salespeople Do to Sweep Away Skepticism and Close Sales

Recently we announced the latest open registration date for our social selling certification program. We know for a fact that this curriculum has helped at least 30K sales reps to fill the top of their funnel with potential customers to whom they can provide a great deal of value. Here’s a link to the curriculum for further information.

The question then remains; what do master salespeople do once they have filled the top of the funnel?

In an excellent blog post dated November 18, Salesforce has shared an outstanding infographic describing in clear visual terms, what actually transforms someone from a cynical prospect into a customer.

In the introduction, Salesforce has said, and I agree, that presentations must be loaded with convincing evidence to prove your product [or service] is reliable. The principle is simple: If a company incorporates trust and credibility in its marketing, skepticism naturally fades.

Here are the 10 essential principles to build belief, sweep aside distrust, and close sales

  1. Demonstrate
  2. Explain the reason why
  3. Lay on the details
  4. Describe the mechanism
  5. Acknowledge objections
  6. Provide expert opinions
  7. Sprinkle in Testimonials
  8. Abide by the law of candour
  9. Offer a creative guarantee
  10. Differentiate your product

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Via Salesforce


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