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The problems with websites are far from over; just because everybody has one, doesn’t mean they have a good one. Like the poor content pandemic, bad websites have taken the Internet by storm.


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What do we mean by ‘bad websites’?

Put simply, bad websites are those that don’t convince visitors to take an intended action, whether it’s to read an article, buy a product or request a service. Since website conversion is focused on improving what you currently have rather than chasing something you don’t have (like more traffic), it’s often an underrated tactic. Consider that, in most cases, increasing your website’s conversion rate by a measly 1% will improve your bottom line more than doubling your website’s traffic numbers would. And yes, the one that sounds easier is easier.

Poorly constructed and managed websites are also a problem because they can derail your whole digital marketing strategy. All of your digital marketing efforts are geared toward getting customers to do something and the majority of the time, that something takes place on your website. For example, you might be running an excellent social marketing campaign that drives people to your website in hopes that they’ll subscribe to your newsletter. But when they arrive at your website and can’t easily find the subscription form (or it’s broken) then your website has ruined your great social media work. Your website needs to be a well-oiled machine that can handle and support the full weight of your overall marketing strategy by effectively becoming the central hub of your digital presence.

So, what can you do about it?

The fact is that a given website’s conversion problems can stem from many different areas: it could be a development issue, a design flaw, poor writing or some combination of all three. To cover all the bases, we’re going to outline the full process of brainstorming and building a conversion oriented website from scratch. Some of the tips will be process related (intended for businesses that don’t have a website or just want to start over) and others will be actionable tips (for businesses who are looking to improve their existing website).

Jan2014Whitepaper_WebsiteConversion, beginning with some suggestions on how to attack the process of having your website designed and developed from scratch.


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