In 2015 Social media will be a colossal digital stage

Leverage social media to showcase your skills

Here’s why

The 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Social Media Examiner revealed that in their study of over 2,800 marketers

  • 92% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business
  • 89% want to know the most effective social tactics
  • 68% plan on increasing their use of blogging
  • 65% want to learn more about the benefits of Google+

Our perspective on social media marketing involves a steady and eloquent stream of content that fosters a connection between brand and customer. On any given day of any given month we are optimizing social media to at least 20K websites worldwide for our clients.

We know that social media cannot be ignored for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which are the social signals that search engines look for to rank your online relevance. Through the online social environment your brand is one vital step closer to your customer base, thereby gaining you insights, engagement channels and customer loyalty that are absolutely invaluable to your business. Think of the social media world as your podium to showcase on a really large scale, what your brand is all about.

Social media is a quintessential channel for engagement, there’s no doubt about it. So just how do you develop and executive a social media strategy tailored to your company? And how do you empower your team to do it

Here are 6 quick tips for you

  1. Efficiently utilize major social platforms like, yes, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google My Business with flare and business savvy
  2. Set attainable goals that meet your brand’s vision
  3. Accurately select the right social media tools that will fulfill your specific objectives
  4. Generate that all important engaging content for your target customers
  5. Capture social campaign metrics and analyze your results
  6. Take a big-picture approach across all your social media initiatives

The results will astound you

Social media marketing will boost hour brand’s accessibility and you will see results

  • An overall stronger relationship with customers
  • Healthier customer retention
  • Customer loyalty an advocacy of your brand
  • A new awareness of what your customers want
  • The ability to promote one-on-one rapport with your audience
  • A definite up-turn of your brand visibility
  • Greater command over your brand’s public reputation
  • An increase in your brand’s social clout
  • You’ll discover new channels to generate leads
  • Foster brand recall across all audiences
  • And a better general overall understanding of the nuances of communicating on each social media platform

My advice is not to go it alone. Forget about the skeptics who think social media is too risky for getting a brand noticed. Hitting it big with social media just takes strategy, wit and resilience. Once your content is shareable, the rewards will be worth it.


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