5 simple tips to get email marketing right

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Getting email marketing right isn’t that hard to do

With so many being up in arms over Canada’s new CASL, this month’s infographic will really simplify at least the email marketing piece which is of so much concern to marketers. I’m sure we’ll all agree that spam really sucks and the last thing we want is for our brand to be associated with it. Getting labeled a spammer is the ultimate price to pay if you’re sending emails that are un-wanted and pushy. So let’s break those bad email marketing habits that land us in a customer’s never-to-be-seen-again spam folder, and start adopting the skills that show how talented our brands really are. It would be a shame to get shunned for life over one tiny email, right?

It really is as simple as these 5 tips:

  1. Practise permission-based marketing and grow your database
  2. Always be transparent and up front
  3. Give the reader what they want
  4. Use graphics wisely
  5. Keep the unsubscribe process simple

I personally have recommended a 6th tip for businesses with multiple products and services:

Give your audience options for unsubscribing. While the global unsubscribe option always has to be available, I have found that creating a preference management center on your website giving readers choices of what to receive from your business can also protect your email list from erosion.

These are our recommendations for staying on the good side of email marketing and be compliant with every best practice, including the CASL.

Infographic | How to get email marketing right


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