6 characteristics of high performance marketing organizations

Why high performance marketing is so important

Marketing can be a pretty scary place to sit nowdays, but it doesn’t have to be. There is a way to become a high performance marketing team and to show value to the organization. You just need two things to start; a CEO who believes and a CMO who has influence. That’s not to say that the CMOs burden is light, because it’s not, however it’s not rocket science either.

The key to high performance marketing lies in some key ingredients to creating a successful framework. When they are present, success ensues. When they are not, failure. The most important ingredient is a marketing team that is willing to shed the fear, embrace new technologies and take ownership for their own performance. The alternative is even scarier. So buck up!

1. Led from the C-Suite

High performance marketing must be led from the top of the organization. The CMO works with his or her peers in the C-Suite to surpass the market and provide seamless customer experiences.

2. Has the right talent

Leadership is focused on hiring and retaining top talent and sources partners with the marketing muscle to deliver against their strategies. Only the marketing elite work at and with these organizations.

3. Is aligned vertically and horizontally

This organization is well aligned. Finance, operaions, service, marketing and sales work collaboratively to create delightful customer experiences at every touchpoint and together they forecast revenue and expenses interdependently. Finance is a key player in this process.

4. Looks to data analytics for insights

Data and analytics are fully integrated into the business via integrated sales and marketing supported by a solid marketing and sales automation framework supported by best-in-class technology. Actions are based on customer data and goals are established based on buyer personas and their needs.

5. Knows clean data is foundational

There can only be one view of the truth across the business from marketing, to sales, finance and beyond. Conceptual, enterprise, logical and even physical data are all derived from the same data. Maybe content is king, but data is the one and true ruler. Standardization, de-duplication, data capture and hygene are a huge focus for the high performing orgs.

6. Brilliant selections for the technology stack

Strategy dictates what the stack will be. How to attract, educate, match, convert and even service customers is paramount for the high performing organization. They start with their buyer personas, attract those personas and usher them in seamlessly, effortlessly and flawlessly based on a set of technologies that are equally and seamlessly integrated to continue feeding the data that feeds the strategy that feeds decision making that “lay in the house that Jack built.”

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