Your brand can’t be omni-channel if your data isn’t

I recently had the unique opportunity to participate in a CMA leadership series study of the omni-channel. The study was conducted and compiled by Alexis Zamkow, Innovation & Digital Services with Capgemini North America, Toronto. Alexis is a former colleague for whom I have a tremendous amount of respect. She was into big-data and the omni-channel before anyone even had it on their event horizon.

In her opening comments she states that “it’s not about being online or offline; the question facing brands today is how to be inline with changing consumer expectations. Here’s a hint: it involves doing away with the digital divide”.  Ah, music to my ears!

Backed by the Canadian Marketing Association, Alexis garnered thought leadership from executives at Google Canada, Deloitte, TC Media, ComScore, Delvina and a host of others to pull together what I believe to be the best pure value whitepaper I’ve read in a long time. The paper covers how to deal with the data, how brands need to identify their customers and get to know them using digitally enabled data. It also takes a really close look at how to make it mobile and how to engage with consumers and capture rich data. And finally, why corporations must manage the flow, accessibility and use of their digital and traditional data in an integrated fashion. In short, organizations need to re-organize and they need to identify and get to know their customers.

Here are eight strategies for effectively establishing a cross-channel link and identifying your customers as highlighted in the report:

  1. Focus on the hand-raisers as your authenticated link
  2. The website and mobile experience should encourage single sign-on
  3. Apps offer simplicity but be cautious of duplication
  4. Consider social login options for increased registration
  5. Loyalty programs often havea built-in cross-channel value proposition
  6. Build a “one golden record” approach
  7. Getting your solution right to the register
  8. Make it simple transparent and viable

Why the mobile path-to-purchase is set to eclipse all other devices!

  • 42% of users relied exclusively on mobile devices during their pre-purchase research
  • Consumer engagement in push messaging was recently estimated to be at 51%
  • 68% of Americans access Facebook via mobile
  • 86% are mobile Twitter users
  • 92% use Pinterest on mobile devices
  • and Snapchat is at 100% mobile use
  • 62% of mobile users opt-in to engage with beacon-based micro-location sharing

“As a marketer, if you don’t understand a whole range of mobile and social technologies well, and how they’re being used by relevant audiences, it’s going to make it incredibly tough for you to do your job well.”

I encourage you to download a copy of the report, via the CMA website, and shape the future of your marketing.


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