Canadian Anti Spam Legislation | Are you ready?

WSI Academy’s CASL Readiness Assessment

“Canada’s Anti-Spam Law enforces penalties of up to $10 million against a business or corporation that violates its requirements!”


CASL comes into full effect July 1, 2014 | Are you ready?

Effective July 1, 2014, the Canadian Anti Spam Legislation will be in full effect and enforcement of the new standards will begin. Companies must stay on the right side of this law to avoid stiff fines related to what the law refers to as commercial electronic messaging.

The law is long and it’s complex

So long and complex in fact that many businesses are still pretty much in the dark. The effects of CASL are far reaching and they will be profound.

This law warrants your attention!

There’s no doubt about it. Penalties and fines are stiff; in the millions of dollars in fact. Don’t get blindsided in July.

The penalties for non-compliance

Anyone can bring a lawsuit against a sender for a maximum penalty of $1 million in the case of an individual or $10 million in the case of a corporation.

At WSI Academy we want to help you be prepared for CASL by conducting a complete assessment of your current electronic communication, your contacts, digital messaging, contact profiling, etc., so you can be 100% ready for this critical change in the way you communicate and market to your business contacts.

The CASL Readiness Assessment covers the following steps:

  • Evaluate all your electronic communication with your contacts
  • Review sources and history of contacts acquisition and relationship
  • Assess the methods used for communicating with your contacts
  • Analyze all aspects related to your compliance with CASL
  • Identify possible exemptions to reduce risks and changes
  • If no exemptions available, we will explore other alternatives
  • Draw a complete roadmap of all steps required to be compliant with CASL
  • Identify bottlenecks that would affect marketing and business results
  • Craft a guaranteed CASL compliant action plan
  • Develop powerful, internal processes to ensure ongoing compliance
  • Explore technology alternatives and adjustments required if any
  • Align your business and marketing processes with the CASL
  • Provide ongoing monitoring and control mechanisms


To protect your business

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