using video with marketing automation

Using Video with Marketing Automation

Generate, Nurture and Qualify New Leads Through Video Read this ebook to learn how to effectively gain more leads through the aligning of your video and marketing automation goals. This offer includes tips and tricks for: Setting goals for your video content Where to include forms in your video content How to nurture leads gained…

Achieving Excellence in eCommerce

Achieving Excellence in eCommerce

Online selling or eCommerce continues to grow and is currently expanding at 7 times the rate of offline retail growth. Running a successful online store has its challenges. Adopting an effective eCommerce strategy will help you avoid the potential pitfalls, enable you to expand your marketing reach and grow your customer base. Here are five…

Digital Marketing in 2016

Digital marketing 2016 ~ what’s next

Think digital marketing moved fast in 2015? Well get ready 2016 is going to move even faster! Digital marketing is now mainstream, according to a new report which finds that 98% of marketers say online and offline activities are merging. Gartner’s CMO Spend Survey 2015-16 included responses from business leaders responsible for marketing in 339…

Marketing automation & Inbound marketing

The best time to invest in marketing automation

Is it time to invest in marketing automation? If you’re producing great inbound marketing content and you’re generating a steady flow of new organic leads, there’s a great chance you’re ready for a marketing automation strategy to nurture those leads into paying customers. And if so, how do we approach it? Marketing automation is much…

2015 is the year for digital maturity

Digital Maturity Begins in 2015

First posted on LinkedIn on December 27, 2014 Guiding the conversation It seems that every single provider out there is pushing their own agenda on the things they all think we need to do to succeed in digital marketing for 2015. In fact, I find that these posts are just flooding the web with a…


Digitization is rewriting the rules of competition

Digitization and why it’s so incredibly important The ascent The rapid ascent digital marketing has made things decidedly more complex in a relatively short timeframe. The world is going mobile. Smartphones, tablets, apps, Bluetooth – it’s positively staggering how quickly technology is evolving. Some of you are probably even reading this from your smartphone or…

The science behind creating buyer personas

4 Step Primer for creating buyer personas

Buyer Personas They are the key to unlock your content marketing strategy While incorporating content marketing into your overall strategy may seem daunting at first, the first step is gathering the right data and using that data effectively to create appropriately targeted buyer personas. It can be difficult but it’s certainly not complicated. To help…

WMA Awards Showcase

WSI Award Winning Websites 2013

About our Award Winning Websites We took home 4 WMA Awards for Outstanding Website in 2013 We take pride in our knowledge and expertise and love providing solutions that get great results for our clients. In 2013, WSI received four WMA Outstanding Website awards as well as a Standard of Excellence recognition in the food…

The Google Zoo!

Heard of the Google Zoo?

What’s a Google Zoo? It’s how Google views YOUR website and you need to know what it is! Google is constantly refreshing and refining the way it collects and analyzes website data. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird Panda penalized poor quality links Penguin punished keyword stuffing Hummingbird IGNORES, yes ignores, poor quality content   Get on…


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