CASL Leglslation

Canadian Anti Spam Legislation | Are you ready?

WSI Academy’s CASL Readiness Assessment “Canada’s Anti-Spam Law enforces penalties of up to $10 million against a business or corporation that violates its requirements!”   CASL comes into full effect July 1, 2014 | Are you ready? Effective July 1, 2014, the Canadian Anti Spam Legislation will be in full effect and enforcement of the…

Multichannel Marketing

Digital owns 90% of the buyer journey*

To book a FREE consultation. The digital space now owns 90% of the buyer journey According to Lori Wizdo, Forrester Research Analyst, today’s buyer is anywhere from two-thirds to 90% of the way through their journey before they reach out to the vendor. This buyer dynamic changes the role of marketing in a fundamental way….

Multichannel Marketing

6 keys to digital marketing optimization

To learn more book a call with us:     The rapid ascent of the internet and now the “internet of things” has made digital marketing decidedly more complex in a relatively short timeframe. Finding just the right mix of channels and technologies and integrating them all together can be overwhelming. It’s quasi impossible for marketing…

Search advertising

Top agency trends 2014 | Surviving the changes

There are 8 top agency trends and 4 main success factors for 2014 But first, let’s start with the changing agency landscape Some agencies have had a difficult time adapting to change and to harnessing new media potential. According to eMarketer, online advertising spending exceeded print magazine and newspaper ad spending for the first time…


Infographic | Google algorithm changes

Infographic : a visual history of Google algorithm changes Every now and again I come across something so good and so useful that I have to appropriate it and share. The Infographic below visually chronicles the history of Google algorithm changes. And if this is any indication of Google’s commitment to delivering relevancy, these changes…

FREE PPC ROI Calculator

Getting a page 1 ranking

Getting a page 1 ranking | How it’s done! Getting that page 1 ranking be it for organic, paid or local search will take time, some elbow grease and patience. But it’s oh so worth it! VeriSign has stated that there are 1 million new domains registered monthly. If you do the math you’ll see…

Google and your site SEO

Google and your site SEO Were you aware that during 2013 into 2014 Google has made continuous enhancements in handling mobile devices? About 10 days ago, Google announced yet another change. They are retiring googlebot-mobile. Going forward the smart-phone user agent will simply be known as Googlebot. Google is churning out updates so quickly in…

CDO WSI Digital Moxie

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is truly an integral part of your mobile marketing strategy. There’s been a fundamental shift in online behaviour that can significantly impact your business if you aren’t accessible on any device. More an more web development projects are being undertaken to create custom website experiences that respond to the device accessing them…


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