Get on board with mobile marketing ASAP

Why should you get on board with mobile marketing?

Just do the math!

In March of this year, we shared a blog post which cited some statistics from a variety of different sources that led us to making 5 urgent mobile recommendations. These were some of the stats then:

  1. 94% of CMO’s think mobile plays a significant role
  2. 84% of CIO’s are planning to invest more in mobility
  3. 94% of Chief Marketing Officers interviewed think mobile applications will play a significant role over the next 3 to 5 years.
  4. 67% of enterprises still have either a weak or no digital-physical strategy at all

This month, WSI has published a new infographic that points to the exponential and ongoing growth in mobile marketing:

  1. Since 2013 1 in 7 people worldwide are smartphone users
  2. 1 in 4 searches are conducted on a mobile device
  3. The average user in the U.S. is on a mobile device for 2 hours a day
  4. 57% of users wouldn’t even think of recommending a company that has a poor mobile site
  5. $400 Billion is the projected total that mobile marketing will generate in 2015 in the US alone

Mobile Marketing Infographic | August 2014

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Mobile Marketing Infographic


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