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Two week warning on Google Mobile Algorithm Update Coming 21-04-15

Takeaways from our Google Global Alliance Team call

First and foremost, Google issued a two week warning on the mobile algorithm update on our call today. According to Google, mobile is way past the next big thing. It’s growing like crazy in all major markets and mobile friendly sites will be a very key factor in how search results come out in organic on mobile devices. Although it won’t affect paid search too much, mobile sites will still factor much higher on quality score than non mobile friendly sites.

What really concerns me are the 78% of businesses Google already knows are not mobile friendly. They’re going to get hit hard by the mobile algorithm. In fact, this change will have more of an impact than Penguin or Panda, and we all remember what happened when they were launched. It’s going to be a huge upset.

And just because you have a mobile site, don’t think that you’re safe. Mobile friendly means friendly to all devices. It’s a nuance, but an important one. Just because you have a mobile site that renders nicely on a handheld doesn’t mean it will render quite so nicely on a larger screen or even a tablet. So in my opinion you owe it to your business to make sure.

Here’s Google’s official statement on the algorithm:

This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. And it will operate in real-time.

Video is Google’s Big Bet for 2015

YouTube is the fastest growing and it isn’t slowing down.

Google’s VP9 video codec powered 25 billion hours of video streaming on YouTube in the last 12 months. VP9 which is now the default codec for YouTube’s HTML5 video player now enables users with limited bandwidth to watch higher quality video without suffering from frequent and annoying rebuffering.

The VP9 codec can reduce the bandwidth needed to play a video by up to 35 percent, according to Google. This means that a user who was previously relegated to watching 480p video should now be able to watch 720p.

So you’d be wise to integrate video into your content marketing plans soon. If Google is putting a big bet on something you can be just about guaranteed to hear a lot more about it.

About the author: Heidi Schwende is the Chief Digital Officer at WSI Digital Moxie Inc. She has extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies in the technology and energy sectors as well as experience working with key organizations in verticals such as mobile technology, loyalty, pharmaceuticals and retail. Heidi also sits on the Technology Advisory Board for the CSAE, the Institute for Human Resources, Social Media and Employee Communications Technology Advisory Board and is Board Vice-President Web Development for Image Impact International. In addition to her LinkedIn profile, you can also interact with Heidi on her Twitter account @WSIDigitalMoxie.


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