Just how do people buy? What influences them? Content!

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Valuable content influences the modern buyer

Making it mobile ready is even more powerful

With mobile devices and social media now ruling consumers’ daily activities, many companies are turning to inbound tactics in order to attract, convert, and close customers. Rather than interrupting people with ads, they’re creating valuable content and making it easy for potential customers to find and engage with them online.

Since 2013, 1 in 7 people are smartphone users and 1 in 4 searches is now conducted on a mobile device. And by the way, 57% of users wouldn’t even think of recommending a company that has a poor mobile site.

2015 will see these numbers rise significantly yet again with projected expenditures of $400 Billion in the US alone.

The modern salesperson is a mini-marketer

In a recent article entitled Use Content to (Re)engage Your Buyer, Jill Rowley, the woman who, using our social selling curriculum, transformed Oracle’s 23K sales professionals into a virtual social selling machine, has said ~ “You might think content belongs exclusively in the realm of marketing, but I beg to differ. In fact, I see the modern salesperson as more of a mini-marketer than a hard closing machine. That’s why my third pillar of social selling is “use content to (re)engage your buyer.”

As a sales professional, understanding where prospective customers get their information before making a purchase decision (and what factors help influence those decisions) is crucial. To help shed some light on how purchase decision-making has changed over the past century, our partner HubSpot teamed up with Column Five to create the infographic below.

How People Buy: Evolution of Consumer Purchasing


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