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Digital Trends and To-dos for 2015

Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but the digital marketing strategy you leveraged this year may be pretty useless in 2015. If you were planning on the same ol’ routine with the same ol’ list of to-dos, don’t be surprised if your results are less than stellar. The digital landscape seldom remains stagnant, so what was once rewarding may very well be outdated and even harmful to your goals in the New Year.

Relax, it’s not a grim as it sounds! Our Marketing Guide 2015 will show you the trends, facts and data that give us telling insights into what’s in store for the next year. And since we’re pretty much obsessed with digital marketing, we’d like to think we have a firm grip on what’s to come. To help get your team started, we’ve selected a few of the hottest trends in the digital realm and formulated a quick checklist of how you can come out ahead of the competition.

TREND: Content marketing is becoming as necessary to a brand’s online presence as a battery charger is to an iPhone user

  1. Analyze, re-define and then segment your key buyer personas
  2. Identify what channels your audience uses to engage with your brand
  3. Cater your content to where your audience is in the buyer’s journey
  4. Utilize useful, relevant content and humanize your messaging
  5. Ditch the ‘corporate speak’ – customers don’t enjoy or respond to it!
  6. Incorporate micro-targeting techniques to better personalize marketing messages
  7. Define how your content marketing strategy will address the needs of your customers while supporting your marketing KPIs
  8. Employ marketing automation tools to better customize your marketing messages

TREND: Professionals everywhere are embracing their inner marketer and becoming brand ambassadors!

  1. Embrace the convergence of sales and marketing departments
  2. Train all employees on effective and valuable social media practices
  3. Re-align employees’ focus to experience optimization rather than conversion optimization
  4. Experiment with and select a social CRM for a cohesive, company-wide collaborative strategy

TREND: Desktops are collecting dust because consumers are often only using mobile devices to access the world wide web!

  1. If you haven’t done so already, ensure your website is 100% RESPONSIVE! Seriously.
  2. Deliver content that is catered to common mobile behaviors (like quicker decision making)
  3. Dive really (really) deep into your data and target according to your audience’s geographic location as well as activity
  4. Apply micro-targeting practices to further personalize your message to the audience
  5. Analyze your mobile metrics regularly

UP-AND-COMING TREND: Tech and fashion industries unite!

  1. Keep an ear-to-the-ground mindset and watch the developments on wearable technology
  2. Be prepared to dive right in and experiment with an exciting new communications platform
  3. Be aware of the growing desire for even more accessible and multi-formatted content


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