Mobile-first isn’t optional anymore

Being mobile-first isn’t optional anymore

If you’re still skeptical about whether or not mobile web is a business imperative, read on.

According to my quarterly digital intelligence briefing from Adobe and eMarketer, underlying every other trend in media is the well documented shift of audience from the desktop to mobile devices. While there is room for debate as to whether tablets and smartphones should be considered together given their different user experiences, there’s no doubt that this shift affects marketers at every sort of organization.

The only question is when that effect becomes acute, not if it will.

For many organizations, there is already an imperative to become “mobile-first”. Publishing,
gaming and consumer financial services are sectors leading the way. But few industries can afford to wait and see. Today, 28% of companies report that over half of their digital visitors are via mobile devices, but that rises to 60% when respondents look out five years.

Furthermore, when asked the question “how does your organization regard the following challenges as it goes into 2014?”

27% said that marketing doesn’t have the technical skills to utilize our technology to its full extent, 27% also said that marketing doesn’t have the mathematical/analytics skills to fully analyze and optimize programs, 23% stated that marketing doesn’t have the creative and story-telling skills required for effective brand building and 17% claim marketing doesn’t have a broad enough commercial understanding of the whole business to make a difference.

source: e-Marketer quarterly intelligence report



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