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Increase Leads and Sales with Digital Advertising

With all the noise and distraction that comes with technology and the Internet, getting the attention of your digital audience is an increasingly difficult task. And if you can’t grab the interest of your digital audience, you’ll have a hard time generating new leads that you can turn into customers. Properly managed digital advertising campaigns, are a fast and efficient way to drive new leads and sales for your business.

A Winning Strategy for In & Out Car Servicing

In and Out were looking for an uplift in sales for their locations. Here’s what a digital marketing strategy by WSI DM Inc. can do for your business as well. Our client has provided us with a wonderful testimonial.

Your Big Idea Powered by WSI

Your business isn’t just a place to work. It’s an idea brought to life with great execution. You know your market is changing, because the world is changing. And you know you’re ready to reach more of the world with your idea. With your business. We are WSI and we believe in the power of an idea. We understand that ideas change the world and we know how to leverage the power of the internet to help you do it. Here are a colletion of digital marketing videos to help you get started!

5 Little Profit Pulling Beacons of Light for Your Business

Your analytics reports are like little beacons of light telling you which traffic source is most profitable, how long it takes for your users to convert, where they drop out of the conversation funnel and which products and services are performing the best and why. In this short video, we’ve given you 5 of the types of profit pulling data you should review regularly to help save you time and money in your digital advertising efforts, and help you dominate your competitors over time.

Turn Leads Into New Customers With Marketing Automation

More and more companies are making the transition to marketing automation. When revenue is at stake, why not do everything in your power to ensure you’re converting visitors into leads?

Advanced Techniques to Skyrocket your Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways of connecting with your audience –regardless of the device they use. The following five best practice techniques will highlight new opportunities to publish targeted email messages that build customer loyalty and increase sales.

How to Create Landing Pages that Convert

Your visitors will arrive at your landing page from some kind of advertising. Expensive advertising. You have your click through, now what? Only goal your landing page has is to incite the second action which is a conversion. This top of the funnel conversion is your first step in opening up a conversation with your prospective buyer, so it had better be good. Your landing pages are essentially the hub of your lead generation activities. So don’t just throw more traffic at your pages, make sure they will help fill your funnel. Here are the fundamentals.

Increase Leads and Sales with Digital Advertising

Properly managed digital advertising campaigns are a fast and efficient way to drive new leads and sales to your business. To show you which digital advertising strategies to use – and when to use them – we created a video on how to Increase Leads and Sales with Digital Advertising.

How to master online reputation management and why

Be prepared to listen, target relevant review websites, gather customer feedback, share your customer feedback, the learn and improve. Why? Customers will read more than 6 reviews or client testimonials on your business before an engagement. It’s critically important now that we’ve entered the age of the consumer.

Achieving eCommerce Excellence

Pricing, high quality products, security, easy shipping, instant customer support, user experience, great reviews and of course mobile commerce are all key success factors for your e-commerce site.

Your website ~ Does it make you money? If not it should!

Without conversion, there isn’t a marketing strategy in the world that can make businesses money. Like the poor content pandemic, bad websites have taken the Internet by storm. Here are the 7 steps to website success.

Start 2016 with a digital marketing competitive analysis

Best thing you can do for your business in 2016 is to check out what your competition is up to online and then strategize to outperform them! This short video will show you how.

Adaptable Digital Marketing That Wins New Business

Here are 4 steps you can take, to make sure your digital marketing strategy is ready to capitalize on new and expanding business opportunities.

Your 5 keys to improving sales using web analytics

Did you know that web analytics can help you improve sales? Well they can. Analytics help you identify your best traffic sources and better understand customer behaviour which is half the battle. These insights will provide you with valuable information to improve the path to purchase and conversions and also help you perfect your performance by personalizing your content. Watch and learn more.

5 steps to securing top of mind brand loyalty

Your comprehensive digital marketing plan will provide a foundation to turn customers who make infrequent purchases into devoted fans who keep on buying. Here’s your five step strategy to convert better!

Improving customer engagement with inbound marketing

There are 5 key steps to effectively conducting inbound marketing. No matter what business you’re in the process is always the same. It’s the strategy that changes. Here are the steps; Create buyer personas, nurture leads using a sales funnel, leverage quality content, converting landing pages and multiply your efforts using workflows.

Growing Sales and Leads with Marketing Automation

For advertising we recommend video, for search we recommend search networks, for email marketing we recommend white papers and for social media, images images and more images showing the benefits of products and services and data, data, and more data to back it up!

How to increase your online conversion rate

In this video we explore the area of sales and conversion. I get asked all the time “how can we measure our ROI?” Here are some helpful hints on optimizing in a way that will generate the best possible ROI for your business. And if you need to know how to measure it, we can help you do that too.

5 key components for building better brand authority

The continuing evolution of social media networks, the ever growing popularity of customer review websites and more informative search results make it easier than ever for people to conduct their due diligence on your business. Luckily, there is a way that you can take control of your brand authority and credibility.

6 essentials of a successful digital marketing strategy

One tiny misstep can often send an entire digital marketing strategy careening off track. However, when the perfect mix of digital marketing solutions comes together, success flows. With that in mind, we’re kicking off WSI’s 2015 Digital Marketing Video Series with an entry called the 6 Essential Elements For A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy.

5 Steps to Successfully Gaining a Competitive Advantage

One of the very best ways to improve your digital marketing performance is to see exactly how you stack up against your competition. In this short video, we show you the 5 steps you’ll need to take to accomplish your competitive goals. And we can help you get there.

The WSI Pillars of Digital Strategy

Marketers still face obstacles like loosely integrated processes, lack of alignment with sales and even legacy organizational silos that are completely counterintuitive to what multichannel marketing is setting out to do. We leverage our 4 Pillars of Digital Strategy to address these issues effectively for today’s digitally disrupted marketplace.

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