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Where are you at with Sales 2.0?

In a recent conversation with one of the principals at our social selling alliance partner Sales for Life, we pondered why Canadian sales teams are so far behind the rest of the world in terms of Sales 2.0 adoption.

At first, I could hardly believe my ears when I’d get asked; “why would we want to be the first to do social selling if no one else in Canada is doing it?”

Social selling successes are taking Europe, Australia, the US and even parts of Asia by storm. So why are Canadians lagging so far behind?

Jamie’s reasoning made a ton of sense. He said “Canadian sales leaders don’t invest enough in themselves. They generally miss the trade shows and conferences in San Francisco, Boston and London that are shaping the future of sales”.

He also went on to say that our sales teams “invest too little in Sales 2.0 technologies.”

Folks, in the area of social selling, Canada is already 2 years behind other large markets.

Of the hundreds of visits made to Canadian companies already, only a very few have the horsepower of their counterparts across the border. And we want to change that!

Our cutting-edge coaching, training, learning management systems are highly customizable to your sales goals. Our mission is to help transform your team into modern, Social Selling machines.

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