Scott Brinker talks AdTech and Martech Outlook for 2018

Chief Marketing Technologist

Here’s your exclusive executive invitation to hear from the Czar of AdTech and MarTech Mr. Scott Brinker.

Live and online: Thursday, January 25, 2018, 11:00 AM EST

Scott has literally written the book on making marketing smarter, faster and more innovative ~ Hacking Marketing published by Wiley and available on Amazon. His goal is to help marketers at all levels — even those with no technical background or inclination — adapt marketing management to the wild and wonderful whirlwind of a world now dominated by software.

We will learn from Scott what it takes to:

  • Build and integrate marketing stacks strategically
  • Deal with marketing’s scope explosion
  • Navigate ISV sector growth
  • Approach AdTech and MarTech convergence
  • Make it all come together in 2018


The spectacular scope explosion of marketing — and the rate at which new disruptions and innovations continue to roil marketing and business at large — has made it impossible for any one vendor to deliver everything that every marketer needs in a digital world. How do we all navigate this rate of change? And how do we create the most effective marketing stacks for our own businesses? That’s what we’ll learn on January 25, 2018.


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