Has your search ranking dropped?

Our search ranking dropped, what’s going on?

Many new prospective clients have been reaching out to us lately with the same question; “our search ranking dropped what’s going on?”

Google Alliance Partner

Google Alliance Partner

Since we’re a Google alliance partner, we knew a long time ago that the world of search was changing. Over two years ago we created an approach to search marketing that we have called Adaptive SEO. It’s predicated on the notion that if we implement a set of well founded and sound best practices we can buffer our clients from algorithm changes. And indeed, it works.

Just this week we conducted a competitive analysis for an existing client and discovered that their top competitor had lost 62% of their ranking over the last three months. That’s a massive drop. In other cases it’s been upward of 80%.


Your remedial action plan

It’s so regrettable that companies were taken by surprise especially since it didn’t have to happen. The warning flags were raised well in advance of the changes.

There are some steps you can take to first determine if it is the algorithm changes that are affecting your rank.

First, check these three things

  1. Check that your analytics tracking code is still in place
  2. Use your webmaster tools to ensure that you weren’t spammy hacked
  3. Has your site been hit with negative SEO


So are the algorithm changes the issue?

If you come up empty on these three questions, then indeed it’s the algorithm updates.

So what then?

Your first line of defense is to get in touch with a reputable search marketing firm. To make sure they are truly “reputable”, ask these questions:

  1. What do you think of Google’s recent updates?
    If they can’t tell you on the spot which solutions they can implement, hang up.
  2. How should we be generating links?
    A good vendor will tell you up front there’s no easy way to do it. If anyone makes you big promises, hang up.
  3. What about content? What should we do about that?
    If they can’t tell you how to optimize your content, hang up.
  4. Can we fix this quickly?
    If they make you promises of a quick turnaround, hang up.
  5. What’s a white hat strategy?
    If they can’t answer that fundamental question, hang up.


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