Social Media Can Increase Your Pipeline By 20%

Put Social Media to Work for Your Business

Social Selling Mastery

We will show you how to increase your sales pipeline?

We will show you how your sales team can be involved in our buyers’ journey?

We will show you how to outperform your competitors?

Social Selling Workbook

Introducing WSI’s Social Selling Mastery Course

If any of what we’ve said above resonates with you, it’s likely time to ditch the cold calling scripts and re-evaluate the more “traditional” selling tactics.

We’ll show you how to use the social media space to generate leads. We call this best practice “social selling”. Social media is where the most successful sales reps are concentrating their efforts in today’s extremely competitive landscape. Innovative sales execs understand that their customers are entering their buying cycle online. More importantly, the buying process is happening whether your sales reps are engaged or not. If your sales people aren’t online and engaging in social media sites like LinkedIn to promote their expertise, you could be losing sales opportunities you never even know you had.

The WSI Social Selling Mastery Curriculum

We want to help teach your sales reps how they can be adding value to this social buying cycle and transform the way they sell. We want to help them provide real insights throughout the buying cycle and ultimately win your company more business.

Our 12-Module instructor led program will teach your sales people how to:

  1. Optimize their Social Profiles
  2. Develop a roadmap of their ideal buyer persona
  3. Learn to share and curate valuable content
  4. Social Listening – monitor social channels for Trigger Events
  5. Teach the “Sphere of Influence” and “Priority Shifting” strategies
  6. Build a GUARANTEED Social Lead Generation program
  7. Develop powerful, internal Assets to drive internal leads
  8. Connect these Assets to a Social Selling campaigns for lead conversion
  9. Use Social Selling for Competitive Intelligence
  10. Integrate Advanced Social Selling tools to amplify lead generation efforts

To adapt and remain relevant to today’s buyer, your sales reps need to adopt a hybrid approach of traditional sales practices and integrate a strong social presence, social clout and thought leadership to their process.

To learn more about how this cutting-edge Social Selling curriculum can transform your sales team into modern, social selling machines, please complete our inquiry form below or give us a call at 1.888.996.1595.

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