Socializing Your Sales Success

An interview with Tibor Shanto, Chief Sales Officer

The topic discussed with Tibor Shanto, Chief Sales Officer, Renbor Sales Solutions is Socializing your Sales Success. Tibor is co-author of an award winning book titled “Shift!: Harness The Trigger Events That Turn Prospects Into Customers.” He was also just recently named in’s list of the world’s top 30 social selling professionals.

In a highly social world, information is abundant, and therefore lacks value, sellers who spew information reduce their value and erode trust. Sellers who lead with value, and are seen to add value for the buyer, earn trust, and therefore are seen more as peers, contributing to the the fact that peer to peer trust is at an all time high of 92%. This takes more than information, you need to be a conduit of best practices, and add value as a subject matter expert.


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