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The age of intelligent marketing

Today your customers expect a 1-1 relationship with your brand.  Four key technology trends have driven this change in customer expectations:

Social Media

With identity based social networks, marketers can collect social data and use it to power ads, recommendations, and customer service ~ plus drive email subscriptions and app downloads.

Mobile capabilities

Mobile marketing messages, mobile alerts, and apps help marketers create connected customer experiences, drive personalization, and enhance cross-channel campaigns.  Marketers can now reach customers wherever and whenever the customer desires.


The growing influx of customer data from disparate channels, devices, and systems provides an opportunity for marketers to know and track customers like never before.

Artificial intelligence

AI can help automate marketing, recommend next best product or offer, and collect insights into traffic, sales, service and marketing metrics along the way.

Salesforce for marketing

The Salesforce intelligent customer sccess platform is the only complete and integrated solution for customer engagement at scale.  Make marketing smarter with Einstein and build, execute and analyze one connected experience across all digital marketing channels, sales interactions, service touchpoints, digital communities, analytics, apps, th IoT and commerce.

Salesforce Customer Success Platform


Video | Growing leads and sales with marketing automation

WSI is the world leader in Digital marketing and we’re equipped to implement a full suite of Internet solutions. But, of course, we’ll work with you to determine which tactics are best-suited to accomplish your business goals.

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