Marketing Automation is the #1 methodology for the digital age

A proven approach

Believe it or not, Inbound Marketing with Marketing Automation has been around now since 2006. Note however that inbound marketing and marketing automation are not interchangeable but are complimentary. Inbound marketing is the processes by which your draw visitors to your content. Marketing automation is the technology by means of which you communicate, measure and convert your leads. And marketing automation is NOT email marketing. It is by far the most effective approach to doing business online. Remember the days when we’d buy ads and email lists while holding our breath that we’d be getting leads? Those days, thankfully are over!

Marketing Automation makes highly relevant quality content available to target personas and draws those buyers to seek out your company, products and/or services. Aligning the content we publish to the prospective buyer interests naturally attracts the kind of inbound traffic that can be nurtured, converted and delighted over a period of time.

There are 3 key marketing actions for effective Marketing Automation

  1. The first is to attract visitors to your site with things like blogging, search engine optimization and social sharing
  2. The second is is to convert visitors into leads with your online forms, proper calls to action and stellar landing pages. With your marketing automation software you will be able to keep track of your leads in a marketing database providing you with powerful insights into their activities and interaction with your content.
  3. The third action is to close the gap and convert these leads into customers. With the right marketing automation to CRM integration, you can be assured of closing the right leads at the appropriate time.

Think of it this way; your marketing automation and CRM integration is your highway, and all your marketing efforts will fill that highway with traffic. Traffic you can observe, nurture, score and turn into customers.

We know inbound marketing best

We understand the inbound way and we can assist you in providing remarkable content to your visitors and in helping you engage, delight and eventually make them happy promoters of your business.

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