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With staff sales training in social selling

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Are at least 80% of your sales reps hitting quota?

What if they could bring in another 3.5 leads this month?

Dial + talk time = sales just isn’t working anymore. If your buyer isn’t going to be picking up the phone, churning your sales team is too big an expense for any company to maintain. Let’s face it, the traditional sales methodologies are no longer working the way they used to.

In 15 minutes we’ll show you how we can train your sales reps to engage your buyer in the early stages of their buying process.

Here’s what Social Selling Certification will teach your team:


  1. Building buyer centric social profiles
  2. Mapping buyer personas
  3. Finding content that interests your company’s buyer
  4. Best practices around content volume
  5. Sharing content to push your buyers off their status quo
  6. Campaigning and connecting with buyers
  7. Trigger event selling and which triggers to listen for
  8. Sphere of influence selling
  9. A 30 to 60 minute daily social selling routine
  10. Leveraging aggregation tools for content sharing
  11. Social listening
  12. How to use the LinkedIn mobile app
  13. Competitive intelligence gathering
  14. and much much more…

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