WSI’s Social Community Software Platform

Big Data Technology enables your team to mobilize, organize and inspire

Our social community platform delivers and end to end solution for fusing social technologies with your business goals. This ground-breaking platform allows any team to bring a human element into the digital world while keeping your stakeholders – be they local or international – connected. Just imagine what a platform like this could do for your brand as it consolidates countless data sources while simultaneously extracting new business intelligence.

This customized social community platform is powered by context aware computing and big data engine methodology. What this means is that your community’s users are able to bring new data into the platform all the while gaining scientific insights to an array of business intelligence! This community platform will open up new business opportunities.

Hosts a variety of advantages to your team, including:


  1. Complete, 100% ownership of your network’s content and data
  2. Interchanging of world views, products, ideas and cultures
  3. Ability to foster active, engaging relationships between team members, customers, partners or prospects so everyone can remain data-informed


Plus, with full access to big data, the platform creates opportunities to:


  • Unearth valuable insights, helping you to enhance decisions and minimize risks
  • Accurately customize and tailor new products and services
  • Accelerate project development to the next, innovative generation of products and services


Set your business intelligence on the fast track to big data. Contact us about WSI’s social community software platform today.

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