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Social Selling has changed sales process forever

As the world’s premier digital marketing consultancy, we are now an alliance partner with the world’s premier Social Selling training company, Sales for Life. Sales for Life has helped pioneer the Social Selling evolution. We provide cutting-edge coaching, training, and a learning management system unparalleled and highly customizable to your company’s sales goals. Our mission is to help transform your team into a modern, Social Selling machine!

Some facts you need to know about buyer behaviour

90% of B2B Buying Behaviour is now ONLINE

Were you aware that 90% of the B2B buying community start their buying process online? That’s right, 90%! So our next question to you is this; are you certain your buyers finding your sales representatives?

Email Success Rates are Declining

In 2013, the median number of emails sent and received by your buyers sits at about 145 or more each and every day. If this is any indication of what your inbox looks like, think about how many generic emails you even open, let alone respond to.

70% of B2B Buyers Research Online First

Another little known fact is that for purchases in excess of $10,000, 70% of your buyers will research 4 or more pieces of information online to support their decision making process. If your reps aren’t sharing this supporting information, how can they build their own expert brand?

The only logical choice seems to be to join your buyers where they conduct 70% of their buying journey – ONLINE!

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