The State of Digital 2015 | Infographic

You need a strategic team to address Digital for your business

First and foremost, forget about those that want to sell you something and find a digital transformation team that wants to partner with your business and is willing to put some skin in the game. Moreover, find a team that will be willing to work in tandem with other vendors in your offline channels and with your internal team to bring the very best solution to your business. And whatever you do, make sure they not only will elaborate a strategy with you, but that they’ll be there to execute for you and with you. You’re a team!

Here are some statistics on the State of Digital for this year

  1. 71% of companies have planned to increase their digital marketing budgets by an average of 27% for 2015
  2. 46% say that a website’s design is the #1 criterion for determining the credibility of a company
  3. 150% increase in click-through rates can be achieved just by adding social sharing buttons to emails
  4. 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing but only 36% say they are effective at it
  5. $31 Billion is the projection for mobile commerce by 2016
  6. 49% of adult women and 34% of adult men visit social media sites at least a few times a day
  7. 75% of searchers never scroll past the first page of search engine results

The Infographic

The State of Digital 2015


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