The best time to invest in marketing automation

Is it time to invest in marketing automation?

If you’re producing great inbound marketing content and you’re generating a steady flow of new organic leads, there’s a great chance you’re ready for a marketing automation strategy to nurture those leads into paying customers.

And if so, how do we approach it?

Marketing automation is much more than a buzzword

Marketing automation has become somewhat of a buzz-work in marketing circles and many a CMO is under the misguided impression that merely having a sophisticated marketing automation platform will solve everything.

The highway, the on-ramps to marketing and the off-ramps to sales

Think of it this way; the marketing automation platform is your infrastructure, or highway. Your marketing automation strategy feeds all the onramps and exits on that highway.

Once the platform is implemented

A WSI content marketing strategy takes into account three main stages of the buyer journey; awareness, consideration and decision.

For each of these stages we have a series of tactics we build into your strategy to lead buyers through the path to purchase. For example during the awareness phase we might recommend blogging and premium content to establish trust and thought leadership. During the consideration stage it’s entirely possible that we recommend automated emails with supporting content and specific product and service information. It’s a strategic dance of sorts that will leverage the signals and metrics your marketing automation software will give you to know exactly when a lead is sales ready and your sales people can make that consultative call.

Your content marketing strategy will be built to look for triggers. Trigger events are those things that cause buyers to search for information online about your industry online. Marketing triggers can even be a set of events that cause a particular buyer persona to become aware of their problem or a goal they need to achieve.

At WSI we pride ourselves on being the very best at digital marketing in all its forms. Not the least of which is marketing automation and inbound marketing.

Prepare to be wow’d

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