The pitfalls of in-house ppc and how to solve them

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Paid Search Volume 2

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Thursday, March 8, 2018, 11:00 AM EST

In volume 1 of our PPC series, we covered the Truths your PPC Agency doesn’t want you to know.  Now in volume 2 we will cover the very real pitfalls of in-house PPC and how to solve them.  Unless you’re spending $50K a month or more on PPC, it’s definitely not a full-time job. This usually means the individual running the campaigns doesn’t have the bandwidth or the training to give your PPC the attention it needs to perform at maximum capacity.  Of the campaigns we regularly audit, 90% of the time we uncover at least 10% budget wastage, often much more. Sometimes it’s through neglect other times its lack of knowledge, it’s not prioritized or worse, it’s just running on auto-pilot. Whatever the cause, it’s a lot of your PPC money going down the proverbial drain.
Jack Porter-Smith is among the best and most experienced AdWords experts in the world today. He has worked in Paid Search for over a decade client side, agency side and as a global business owner. On March 8, 2018, in this live interview, Jack will reveal what, more often than not, can and does happen with your PPC budget.

We’ll learn from Jack how to recognize when an agency partnership model can bring you the best of both worlds:

  1. Leverage the very latest best-practices
  2. Be always on regardless of personnel absences
  3. Regular monitoring even during internal team peak times
  4. Implement new features as they become available
  5. Access innovation from top talent
  6. Offer growth opportunity for in-house resources

You will hear nothing about hacks, unicorns, viral-trends, must-do’s or any other such hype – you’ll only hear true, down to earth anecdotal evidence and solutions that will resonate with you as a budget owner.

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