Top 5 Mobile Trends to Watch for in 2014

These 5 are my personal favourites of the top mobile trends to watch for this year

Applications [apps]

Mobile apps are still winning the race and I think that trend is going to continue. They’re fast, easy to use and when it comes down to it, the end customer isn’t very concerned with the technology you use, they just want to be able to use it easily.

That’s not to say however that you should stop your activities in ensuring your website is responsive to all devices.

So integrate your mobile strategy with a combo of responsive website and native or hybrid apps.

Mobile Digital Experience [responsive design]

Forrester research recently stated that “a great digital experience is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a make-or-break point for your business as we more fully enter the digital age.”

There are hundreds of thousands of outdated websites out there. If yours isn’t mobile friendly, your conversion rates will absolutely continue to drop.

Don’t take it from me, test drive your own website from your mobile device. Is it “thumb” friendly? Easy to read? Easy to interact with? Can you fill in your forms without expanding, rotating, pinching, squeezing? If not, time to get a responsive design asap!

In-store communication [WiFi]

Now this is so much fun. Imagine walking through the Home Depot and you get a welcome back message on your phone? Not only a welcome back message, but a current flyer with special offers is delivered to you while you’re still picking up your cart. Nice.

Remote access to all manner of services [Internet of things]

Home and car alarm systems can now be activated and deactivated remotely. We can now turn on the lights at home before we get there and even adjust our home climate control as we make our way home from work or the cottage.

Mobile has gone mainstream

And my question to you is has your business kept pace? If not, do get in touch. We can help you get there affordably, efficiently and scalably.


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