Top 5 Reasons why businesses should take a serious look at Responsive Design

Tablet and smart phone use represent a significant shift on online user behaviour. A whopping 67% of searches now begin on one device and then move to a second device according to Google’s recent stats.

Don’t leave your mobile marketing strategy to chance. Responsive web design should be a serious consideration for your business in 2014. This approach will display your content dynamically in direct response to the device your customer is using to view your website. They won’t even need to switch over to another device to respond to your call to action making the conversion immediate!

Here now are those 5 reasons for making responsive web design a factor in your mobile strategy.

Better usability, more commonly known as user experience.

When done well, a responsive design will be completely transparent to the user. The result is enhanced usability and improved conversion rate.

Extended Reach

There’s nothing more off-putting to a user than poorly presented content, however good that content may be. Quite simply, poor presentation turns users off. A responsive site means that it’s easy to read, and even more importantly, easy to interact with. It will encourage sharing and thus extend your reach.

SEO Benefits and Adaptive Search Engine Optimization

Contrary to all the hype about the death of SEO, search engines really do want to return the best results. They’re looking for results that will offer great user experiences. If the search results detected are mobile and tablet friendly they will absolutely return better rankings for both paid and yes, organic search.

Adaptive SEO is about making sure your search marketing strategy is aligned with the latest algorithm changes by Google. Responsive design is a key element in adaptive SEO.

Lower maintenance costs and time

Think about it, keeping content new, relevant and fresh is extremely important to search engines. Responsive design ensures shortened maintenance timelines and one update will immediately be visible on every device. Additionally, with changes being done once instead of on a website, then a mobile site also means cost reduction.

Easier Reporting

Your responsive website makes it so much easier to measure your success. Web analytics will populate for you across all user devices in one spot. No more manual reporting!

Using responsive web design will increase user engagement as well as significantly increase conversion rates among mobile users.

If you want help or advice about how you can use responsive web design to improve your mobile marketing strategy, get in touch.


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