Video Webinar | Apply the power of social selling

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In the last few years the sales world has seen a dramatic change whereby consumers are taking the reins into their own hands, almost eliminating the need for sales reps altogether. Nowadays buyers often begin their journey online, so the only way your company is going to maintain a close relationship with your customer base is by immersing yourself into the digital world.

This new paradigm in sales is what we call Social Selling.

In this Digital Power Hour, David Duncan, a leading WSI Digital Marketing Consultant, uncovers the 5 steps that will help you upgrade your somewhat ancient sales tactics. Attendees will be able to kiss cold-calling goodbye and master 5 key social selling fundamentals that will help your sales team to:

  1. Shorten your sales cycles
  2. Increase opportunities at the top of your sales funnel
  3. Decrease sales turnover
  4. Evolve your sales team into innovative market leaders

It’s all about establishing your sphere of influence in the very environment where your customers are spending all their time: in the online social media world!

So put down that old cold-calling script for a moment and watch this video!

WSI Webinar: Social Selling – Eliminate Cold Calling With These 5 Steps from WSI World on Vimeo.


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