Webinar Recording | The Truths Your PPC Agency Doesn’t Want You To Know

Jack Porter-Smith’s No Hype Talk About PPC Agencies

On February 4, 2018 I shared a registration link to this webinar. Here now is the video for you to view at your convenience.

Jack Porter-Smith is a Google AdWords Top Contributor. You may be asking yourself why is this important? It’s important for one simple reason; the top contributor designation is awarded by Google in Mountain View and only the very best are included in this elite group of 12 or so worldwide. Jack ranks in the top 5. You will never hear Jack hype advertising in the way many do. And you’ll never hear him talk about silly hacks, or unicorns, or make lofty empty claims about paid search being the be all and end all for your business. What you will hear is how to gain peace of mind that your campaigns are well optimized, how you can safeguard your budget, and even get some advice on how to avoid the many very real pitfalls businesses encounter.

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