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Your Website; still the lynchpin for integrated marketing success

There was a time not so long ago that marketing communications was a tactical activity tied to a broader strategic marketing plan. That has all changed. In 2014, marketing communications is about developing strategies that affect the entire organization and now covers brand, consumer marketing, product marketing and even service.

It’s amazing how many organizations are still dealing with the chaos of unintegrated sales and marketing processes and systems. This chaos leads to company wide inefficiencies, much much higher costs, declining profits and ultimately client dissatisfaction.

Businesses are beginning to realize the incredible potential and value of their digital presence and often start off by implementing their online activities as yet another set of unintegrated processes that just add yet another layer of complexity to the existing systemic chaos.

While it is true that the internet is in flux and that technology is working hard to change the way we consume information, adapting to all that change takes time and considerable effort.

Digital Marketing comes with a really super steep learning curve and it keeps changing just about as fast as we can learn it. Most businesses simply don’t have the bandwidth to manage it all.

The strongest recommendation I could make for anyone experiencing anything like what I’ve described above would be to work with a digital marketing consultancy. A consultancy that can help you integrate your marketing activities and come up with a strategy that connects the very best of every channel to the lynchpin that is your Website.

And remember, every element of the marketing mix can be powerful tools to generate leads for your business. For more information or advice on how to generate leads for your business, feel free to contact me at [email protected], call 647.272.9469 or fill in this short form


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