Social Selling reps outperform traditional reps by 20%

Do you ask yourself these questions a lot lately? You’re not alone!

  • How can we increase our sales pipeline?
  • How can our sales team be involved in our buyers’ journey?
  • How can we outperform our competitors? Is Cold calling DEAD?

World-class sales teams aren’t building a sales pipeline only on the phone anymore. Sales leaders understand that in a 2014 buying process 93% of B2B buyers will begin their buying journey onlin. In fact, Marketo has stated that 65-70% of the buying journey will be conducted without your sales representatives; that is, unless they know how to add value in the NEW buying process.

Innovative sales teams know they have to provide true insight throughout the buying cycle if they’re to be taken seriously as a future partner. Today, sales reps need to be a hybrid of traditional sales (phone, email and voicemail) mixed with social clout and thought leadership. “Social Selling” is the new sales paradigm.

Our 20-Module Social Selling Training program gives sales professionals the know-how to:

  1. Optimize their Social Profiles
  2. Develop a roadmap of their ideal buyer persona
  3. Learn to share and curate valuable content Social Listening
  4. Monitor social channels for Trigger Events
  5. Teach the “Sphere of Influence” and “Priority Shifting” strategies
  6. Build a GUARANTEED Social Lead Generation program
  7. Develop powerful, internal Assets to drive internal leads
  8. Connect these Assets to a Social Selling campaigns for lead conversion
  9. Use Social Selling for Competitive Intelligence
  10. Integrate Advanced Social Selling tools to amply lead generation efforts.

This course is constantly being updated via globally crowdsourced content, from the world’s largest companies, including many Fortune 500 companies that have already taken our training and are enjoying outstanding results and have provided us testimonials.

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